Eye Myth Film Fest 2018

Eye Myth 2018: Schedule

Schedule for screenings March 30, 2018

Non-Representational Experimental: 7:30pm – 8:10pm:

Prism (Jillian Noyes) – 2 minutes

Gills (Soo Hyun Jamie Kim) –  1 minute and 42 seconds

Paris Suite (Chris Rall) – 6 minutes and 54 seconds

Women on the Edge  8:10pm – 8:50pm:

Colors Inside (Ulya Aviral) – 7 minutes and 39 seconds

Menarca (Guilherme Candido) – 17 minutes and 30 seconds

Belgiac  (Eve Depoorter) – 13 minutes and 9 seconds

 Intermission to 9pm

 Cinema as Language:  9:00pm – 9:20pm

Moving Picture (James Mor)  – 8 minutes and 4 seconds

New York as Nightmare (Philip Brubaker) – 10 minutes

Identity and the Being:  9:20 – 10:25pm

Voyeur/Exhibitionist (Jae Woo Kang) – 12 minutes and 16 seconds

Johnny on the Moon (Eva Irving) – 30 minutes

I Can Hurt Myself, I Can Accomplish Things (Aniello De Angelis/Thomas David Lloyd)
 – 23 minutes and 24 seconds

Q&A with Tom Lloyd, co-director of I Can Hurt Myself, I Can Accomplish Things

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