Now with more zeitgeist

I was going to give Picnic at Hanging Rock the benefit of the doubt. I was going to assume that it wasn’t a travesty before I watched more than 43 seconds of trailer. Unfortunately Luke Buckmaster of The Guardian used the word ‘zeitgeist’ in his review so many times that I just know it’s going to be some rip off of The Handmaid’s Tale wherein cultivated feminine(ist)  literature is injected with steroids.

The series stars Natalie Dormer who was most recently featured in every period drama of the last 10 years. I get that Picnic at Hanging Rock: More Zeitgeistier is supposed to be an adaptation of the source material and  a blatant attempt to capitalize on the success of The Handmaid’s Tale  not a remake of the 1975 film.

I’ll try to reserve judgement but so far I’m not doing great.

Check out the trailer for this along with the original film:




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