Eye Myth Film Fest 2019 Film

Eye Myth in Focus: Home Movies- The Beauty of the Every Day (Philip Brubaker)

People reveal themselves when they know someone they love is on the other side of the camera 

Filmmaker and video-essayist Philip Brubaker is back with another stunning, and poetic, video essay. Last year we saw New York as Nightmare. This year we have the very evocative Home Movies: The Beauty of the Everyday. Philip takes a deep dive into the art of crafting home-movies for the cinema, what stylistic techniques are used, and how the medium has evolved over time. From film reels and videotapes, and finally to tablets and phones – the methods with which we see ourselves have fundamentally changed.


There is also a profound invocation of memory within these “home movies”. Particularly in Philip’s discussion of Paris, Texas where the characters watch themselves interacting as a loving family from the otherside of heartbreak and abandonment.

Beautifully organized, narrated and edited, Home Movies is one of my personal favourites at this year’s event.



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