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Eye Myth Film Festival Covid-19 Update


I know it’s been awhile but I’ve been waiting and hoping for more clarity on the situation before I posted anything of length, or made any decisions. Things are very up in the air right now in terms of where Eye Myth Film Fest can take place and when. Our venue issued a refund and advised they’re on hiatus until further notice. Of course I need to wait until things reopen before I can organize a venue. As of May 20th in the City of Toronto has begun “phase 1” of the reopening which includes retail stores, etc. Live performances, film festivals, and the like have all been cancelled.

I have created a *very* tentative date of October 24, 2020 because I am still hoping I can hold a live event in 2020. There are a few options/possibilities moving forward:

  1. Finding a venue and hosting a live event in October
  2. Waiting until next year and hosting two events in 2021
  3. Live streaming Eye Myth 2020 and proceeding as usual for 2021

I don’t really want to do a live streamed event. Not least because the passion and joy of this event comes from having real viewers in real seats watching films together. Filmmakers submit expecting an in-person event. At this point I’m leaning towards option two if I’m not able to hold the event live by the end of the year. If two events are held in 2021 the belated Eye Myth 2020 would happen sometime between January and March, and proper Eye Myth 2021 would occur sometime in the fall.

The notification date for filmmakers is June 30th. I will post a list with the line-up once that’s done. Hopefully I will have further updates soon.


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